Clean House, Inc is an organization of sober individuals in Cleveland, Ohio with the objective to educate and empower recovering men through the practical application and utilization of “twelve step” principles. The twelve steps are specific guiding standards. When these steps are thoroughly applied, a person is empowered to focus on, and remain committed to, their recovery.

Our Mission

To provide recovering men with the spiritual and mental tools needed for continuing personal growth and prevention of relapse. CLEAN HOUSE strives to promote consistent and contented sobriety by addressing all three elements of addiction; the body, mind and spirit.


“Science has shown, beyond a reasonable doubt, that addiction is a disease of the brain, and that our genes contribute close to half of the risk for becoming addictted. Addiction results from profound disruptions in the function of specific neurotransmitters and brain circuits. It involves an expanding cycle of dysfunction, first in the areas of the brain that process reward, followed by alterations in: complex cognitive function (memory, conditioning, habits); executive function (impulse inhibition, decision making, delayed gratification); cognitive awareness (introception); and emotional functions (mood, stress activity).”

–excerpt from speech given by Dr. Nora D. Volkow,
Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse,
on June 23, 2010

Clean House Inc is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Make a Donation

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