Clean House Martial Arts

ImageWould you like to learn Martial Arts and Self Defence? Clean House Inc. holds a martial Arts class every Wednesday at The Cleveland Buddhist Temple at 6:00 P.M. The instruction is free and donations are welcomed.  No previous knowledge of martial arts is required. Instructor, David S., will be teaching basic forms and techniques of Kuntao/Gungfu as taught to him by the late Grandmaster Arthur Sikes from the Lu Seong/ Reeders lineage of gungfu. David S. is a 3rd Dan Orange Sash in the system. Classes are from 6-7 P.M. with sitting meditation following class. All donations to benefit Clean House Inc. 

Cleveland Buddhist Temple, 1573 East 214th Street in Euclid, Ohio 44117   216.326.9050 / David S.

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  1. Hello Dave,
    Inspirational Reggae for your Clean House
    All by Stick Figure:

    Coming Home!

    Hard Drugs (Cover of Gregory Isaacs)


    Just another Dream

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