January 31st at 6pm!


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Sober Holidays Tip #7: 

Think about the events coming up in the next few weeks. What situations could possibly set you on the road toward relapse? Seeing your ex-husband at a party? Having a fight with your mom? Having dinner with friends who drink? Make a plan now for how you will deal with these events; maybe you’ll go to some extra meetings before you travel, and plan to call your sponsor or a fellowship friend if anything does happen. Or maybe you’ll investigate online meetings now, before anything happens, so you can go to a meeting at a moment’s notice.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to Clean House Inc.!

On November 6, 2013 we received ownership of our building and property at 11910 Buckeye Rd. in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a HUD property and we had to wait through numerous extensions until a lien against the property had been cleared. By the time it had been cleared; so had most of the contents of our property! Among those things taken were 4 furnaces, 3 hot water tanks, all sinks,  kitchen cabinets, toilets and shower fixtures. Oh, did I mention that the majority of the windows and doors of our property had been removed as well? A grant in 2014, fundraising and donations from Clean House supporters have helped us to secure windows, two furnaces, a hot water heater, and gallons of paint and drywall compound!. As a result of this support we were able to have our first, and so far, only sober resident move in. There are four more suites and two bathrooms that require renovation, plus, the need for two furnaces and another hot water heater before we can accept further tenants into our sober living facility. Please consider a donation to help us fulfill our mission. Also, by purchasing the the memoir, “CLEAN: From Reggae To Recovery” you’ll learn how and why Clean House was created. All proceeds from the purchase of the book go directly to Clean House Inc. which is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization. We are truly grateful for all the support we have received as we strive to achieve safe and sober living spaces for men in recovery. Thanks for the love!


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Happy New Year!

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Sober Holidays Tip #8:

Plan your own celebrations. If you aren’t traveling for the holidays, plan to celebrate with local AA or NA friends. If you haven’t been invited, do the inviting yourself. Follow old family traditions or start some of your own.

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Sober Holidays Tip #6:

  If the holidays mean visiting your old hometown, take time to see old friends you enjoy; avoid those you used to drink or use drugs with.  Make plans now for how you’ll occupy your time while there, so you don’t find yourself with time to kill and fleeting thoughts of visiting the people who are still drinking or using.

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Sober Holidays Tip #5:

  If you’re traveling, go to meetings wherever you are.  Find a meeting long before you get there. This will give you the booster support shot you’ll almost certainly need—the chance to say, “Sure, I love my family, but sometimes they drive me up the wall,” or to talk about whatever else it is that almost drives you to drink.

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Sober Holidays Tip #4:

Limit the amount of time you spend with relatives who make you crazy. If everyone is gathering for the holiday, including your brother who drinks like a fish, plan on an overlap of just a day or two. If he arrives on Christmas Day and stays a week, you can arrive a couple of days before Christmas, help your hosts prepare, enjoy a quiet Christmas Eve, and leave the next day.

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